About Jeff Walters Design

Jeff Walters Design is an Idaho-based company with national clients specializing in growing small businesses through website design, social media marketing, SEO support, and business consulting services.

About Jeff Walters and His Love For Texas

I am a proud Texan. I was born in the middle of Texas and grew up in Texas. I live and breathe everything about Texas. I’m even wearing a Texas shirt as I write this.

But I happen to live in Idaho. I miss BBQ, Tex-Mex food, bluebonnets, and homemade pecan pie.

Even though I am an expat, I’m still very much a Texan at heart. I’m the annoying Texan who lives in Idaho who won’t stop talking about how great Texas is, was, and forever shall be.

Why do I love Texas so much? Because it has a great story!

Remember the Alamo! It’s like a whole other country. Don’t mess with Texas!

As a Texan, I am sworn at birth to be the greatest marketer that the state has ever had. Every Texan has the same birth right.

I want to do the same for your company. I want to create your awesome website, expand your digital footprint, and get your customers, clients, and friends talking about your business like it is the very air that they breathe.

As you might have figured out already, my name is Jeff Walters. I design websites, print materials, and an online presence for your business.

When I am not designing, I love spending time with my amazing wife and my three kids. We are homeschoolers, explorers, and tinkerers. We are working our way towards buying an RV in the next year or so and hitting the road to see America (and of course, Texas).