Choosing a Great Business Name (or Domain Name)

You want a business name that is memorable. You also want a domain name that reflects your business name and can be found in online searches. Picking a name that reflects who you are can be stressful. Business owners often get stuck on choosing the perfect business name. It can be hard to set yourself…

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Email Hosting with G Suite

Don’t hurt your professional image with a bad email address. For some people, there is nothing worse than seeing a or on your business card or website. You own a domain! You should be using it for your email address. It let’s your customers know that you are a real business that cares…

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Setting Up Your Website Domain

Your domain name is your address on the Internet. It helps your customers find you online. I recommend using a service separate from your website hosting for your domain. I personally use Hover and highly recommend them. There are other domain registrars that are cheaper, but I have really liked the customer service and ease-of-use…

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Setting Up Your Website Hosting

You will need two things to get started with a website: You need a website domain. This is the address of your website on the Internet. You need a website host. This is where your site’s files are kept on the Internet. If you have not yet created a website domain, please read this article…

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