Choosing a Great Business Name (or Domain Name)

You want a business name that is memorable.

You also want a domain name that reflects your business name and can be found in online searches.

Picking a name that reflects who you are can be stressful. Business owners often get stuck on choosing the perfect business name. It can be hard to set yourself apart from the competition.

But by using some basic best practices and you can come up with a great business name and a solid domain domain name to use for your online presence.

How to Pick a Name

Pick a name that is brandable, pronounceable, short, memorable, intuitive, doesn’t have punctuation in it, and doesn’t belong to someone else. Make sure that your business name won’t be confused for something else.

Check out this link to find out more about choosing a domain name. This information applies equally to picking a solid business name.

How to Choose A Domain Name

So here’s a little exercise to try.

If you were your own customer and you need to search for your services, what would that Google search be?

Write all of those words down.

It is useful to have some of those words in your business name, but if you don’t, it is ok.

You’ll include those words on your website pages and in your social media posts. The search engines like Google then use that to start learning about what you do and who you are. That works very much the same way that a person would read about your business and find out what your services and products are.

Some suggestions for business naming/domain names:

  • Your name + what you do
  • Favorite color + favorite animal + what you do
  • Adjective + what you do

What’s In A Name?

As the famous playwright William Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Think about Dell. The company name is literally the last name of the founder. The website domain is With that bit of information, you really don’t know much about what Dell does.

But you most likely know that Dell is synonymous with computers. Why?

Because they make solid computers and provide great service. They have dominated their market and are seen as experts in what they do. They could have literally done the same exact thing with any other business name.

Your goal is to be seen as the expert in your market.

Your business name, domain name, and even your logo are just stand-ins for everything that you and your company represent and the services you provide.

Pick a great name. But at the end of the day, it is far more important to provide great services and products to your customers. That is the most memorable part of your business.