Email Hosting with G Suite

Don’t hurt your professional image with a bad email address. For some people, there is nothing worse than seeing a or on your business card or website.

You own a domain! You should be using it for your email address. It let’s your customers know that you are a real business that cares about the details. It is a really simple step to create trust with your potential clients and current customers.

Many web hosts will offer to set up your email address for you, but I do NOT recommend hosting your email with your web hosting service.

When your website is down (which happens sometimes), then your email will be down too! Hosting email is not as reliable as some major third-party email systems.

You need to have your email setup with Google’s G Suite. It’s the premium version of Gmail. It will give you a great professional image, solid email service, and a great suite of tools! You can get started for as little as $5/month.

Looking professional matters and that means communicating as Google’s G Suite is helps you build your brand while getting more done.

Use this button to get signed up and get 20% off your first year of service.

You can find out more about G Suite here.