Websites Built for Business. Websites Created For Growth.

Growth Starter Sites get your business online fast at a perfect price! Beautifully designed and conversion optimized websites with just the right amount of Done-With-You help!

Growth Starter Sites

Budget-friendly, professional designs to jump start your business and get you online fast.

Top Benefits

  • Choice of Pre-Designed Website

    I'll help you pick the right design for your business. I can update fonts and color throughout the site to match your style or branding. I'll drop in your existing logo and content that you create with the help of my how-to documents.

  • Professional Setup

    I personally take care of all of the setup and configuration of your WordPress-powered site. I make sure everything works as it should for performance and security before I hand it over to you.

  • How-To Documents

    As part of the Growth Starter Site package, I provide you with How-To documents that help you develop your Unique Value Proposition, write an awesome About Page, and get the right content plugged into your site.

  • Training

    I make sure that you know how to use your site so you can get the most out of it. We'll sit down for an hour to go over the details of your site, answer any questions, and get you up to speed.

Growth Starter Site Kit


Growth Starter Site

Choice of pre-built design, minor customization, and done-with-you support to get you online fast.

I walk you through each step to make sure that you have the right tools to get your content together and created.

With a Done-With-You approach, we'll work side-by-side to get your site ready for launch and working for your business ASAP.

Growth Add-Ons

Premium licenses, hosting, website domain registration and renewal, content creation, and ecommerce are not included in Growth Starter Sites.

Premium licenses are available through the Care Plan add-on.

Care Plan (Required)


A "Maintenance Essentials" care plan is available for all Growth Starter Sites. Benefits of the care plan include peace of mind, protection against security threats, and restoration of your site if anything goes wrong.

This plans includes software updates of WordPress core, themes, and plugins; weekly website backups; and website restoration.*

Privacy Policy (Recommended)


I’ve partnered with Termageddon as my go-to Privacy Policy generator. Termageddon will automatically update your website policies when the laws change and they do it at a fraction of the cost of an attorney.

Free setup of Termageddon policies on all Growth Starter Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Premium Licenses

All Growth Starter Sites are built with premium (paid) annual licenses. These licenses include premium themes, plugins, and a page builder. Total value of these licenses is approximately $375.

Please note: If you do not have a care plan with Jeff Walters Design, then you will need to purchase your own license(s) for the premium themes, plugins, and page builder used on your site.

All premium licenses are included with the care plan package.

Hosting Provider

Hosting is not included with Growth Starter Sites. Preferred hosting providers are Siteground and WP Engine. I will work with you to get you setup with the right provider.

Website Domain

Website domain registration and renewal is not included with Growth Starter Sites. My preferred registrar is Hover.

*Need more support? Check out my other care plans.

Websites Built With You. With Business Growth in Mind.

With a Growth Starter Site, you can get online fast with a gorgeous new website! Let me help you get your site online! These sites are great for the DIYer that just needs a little extra help to get your business online.


Jeff Walters Design is an Idaho-based company with national clients specializing in growing small businesses through website design, care plans, and business consulting services.

Jeff Walters is a designer, writer, husband, dad, and a proud Texan who happens to live in Idaho.

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